Waldio Catchphrase The Smartphone Batteries Will Last Twice. That’s How

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Waldio Catchphrase The Smartphone Batteries Will Last Twice. That’s How

There are patents and patents, technologies and technologies this Waldio (acronym of Write Ahead Logging Direct IO) is one of the most popular of the moment because it aims to solve one of the primal problems and major smartphones, battery life.

From new, the batteries of smartphones top range last – do not overdo it with the use – one day, but not more if we happen to really work on it teknorus, with your smartphone, then no one can think to forget, in the morning, a charger of any type (preferably by car, in case of itinerant work).

Waldio comes from Korea, more specifically from Hanyang University Researchers have announced this new technology that could slow down the rate of decay, improve performance and increase the battery life of the smartphone. As Speeding up the writing of data on the hard disk of the various devices, and therefore also on your smartphone, and especially by minimizing the amount of data to be recorded on memory cards.
According to the study of Korean researchers, published on Usenix, electronic memories will wear out and lose quality as they do we use to save data to overwrite then delete others. Every time we do an operation deal space, and therefore memory, while the card is consumed.

If our maintaining the phone only ones really necessary, we could speed up the operating system of our mobile phone at least 20 times and smartphone batteries could last for 39% more. The fundamental principle of Waldio, then, is to not record any unnecessary data on a smartphone.

The Office365 Home version, which is the most complete, is usable on a number of devices up to fifteen as follows 5 of phones, tablet of 5 these are iPad, or with Android operating system and or Windows; up to 5 PC Windows and or Mac. Office 365 Personalsi can be used on up to three devices as follows 1 Mac or a PC, a tablet and a phone.

Project Spark opens a suite of capabilities for developers that will allow to create add-ons for app also third party, expanding the user experience. These add-ons will also have a dedicated market, the Hakerplace.

As for the web browser, already revolutionized with version 2.2, comes the insertion of the privacy mode and the innovative pin the web feature, useful to create links not only to web pages, but also to specific paths. It makes its entry in the OS of Red Panda also a voice assistant, which he had been informed some time ago but of which little is known.