Urban Spa, 10 Destinations To Relax In Italy

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Urban Spa, 10 Destinations To Relax In Italy

For relaxation at hand, the Urban Spa are the ideal solution. Here are 10 destinations to relax in Italy in the cities in which the baths and spas have given free rein to their creativity. From Milan to Naples, here are the SPA in town with the innovations and the finest spa facilities of the moment.

Cities, labor, urban stress and a single thought in his head Relax.

Today, on the other hand, Relax is increasingly synonymous with Spa and spas, but not always, the wellness centers are easy to reach … or, at least http://www.travelhoundsusa.com, they were not, up to this moment.
Yeah, because, today became the Spa Urban Spa and are almost the most attractive of the other spas, traditionally distant from city centers or close to the natural hot springs such as Sirmione, Boario and Saturnia.
Let’s see what are the 10 most beautiful and attractive Urban Spa of Italy and of which you will not certainly do without, once you have discovered how beautiful … and close to home!

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First, there is the range of proposals from Milan Urban Spa for comfort and well-being, perhaps the first city to have equipped with facilities of this kind. Beautiful Baths in QC city which for years offer a health out of time in the heart of the city, Porta Romana.
To these, join the new Urban Spa Shiseido and the Sisley Paris Park Hyatt. Here, as in beauty treatments and skin care, really you spoiled for choice. Going to Spa in Spa, we find
The Spa Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo, in Venice,
The Spa of Cuneo, Relais San Maurizio Luxury Spa Resort,
The Qc Terme di Torino
The Qc Rome
The Prince Spa, Park dei Principi in Rome
The Spa & Resort Nun Assisi
The Spa Mezzatorre Resort & Spa, Forio d’Ischia in Naples
The Spa Arthotel Lecce

Obviously, any Relais and Urban Spa has a spa with thermal water, massages and innovative beauty treatments, which allow you to enjoy at the same time the city. An example The QC Terme di Torino overlooking the Mole Antonelliana, and those of Rome are immersed in a typical landscape of the Latium stain with pine trees and hills.

Some are equipped with weekend formulas that allow to regenerate in 48 hours and return as new to face a new week already by the evening.

But also a sprint in an Urban Spa on Wednesday and Friday nights is certainly not to be underestimated in terms of health and beauty!