How To Reuse Old Tires, Original Ideas For Decorating Your Home

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How To Reuse Old Tires, Original Ideas For Decorating Your Home

How to reuse old tires Here are ideas for decorating your home! Most of the time the old tires become waste to be disposed of, but actually to reduce the environmental impact given by the disposal of car tires just very little and a little ‘fantasy! Discover below the most original ideas to decorate the house with car tires!

Dangerous and polluting if left in the environment, car tires can be reused in many different ways will be enough of ecological paint and some tools of DIY to give new life to accessories and decorative items to decorate the house. Here then the ideas to give new life to the tires!

Creative table
With the creative recycling of used tires can make objects, furniture and furnishings for every room in the house. With brushes and colors to hand you can assemble one or more tires to get the basis for a table put in the living room or bedroom, but also a small table to decorate the garden and the terrace of the house. To realize you can just put on the table with pneumatic tire with the fabric and use a circle of wood coated with the special glue to apply the above structure.

Stools and poufs with old tires
The old car tires can become black colored armchairs, but also pretty ottomans to furnish the living room or another room in the house. Moreover, tires can become original chairs or stools comfortable putting on the terrace or in the garden. To realize your pouf DIY will suffice only tires, colored paint, adhesive tape, a tool box, a circle of plywood and a wooden one!

Planters colorful garden
The tires can become places in which to place original and planting flowers in your garden. To create garden planters (wall or balcony) you can just wash the tires, paint them the color you prefer and then place them in the garden. If you choose to store your tires in the garden, you can turn them into colorful vases DIY, fill them with soil and then planting your favorite colorful flowers. Alternatively, you can also turn the tire in a hanging pot, placing the old rubber car vertically.

Games for children with car tires, original and creative idea is to transform the tires into fun games for children and teenagers.