Find out What the Consequences of Daylight Saving Time in Companies

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What the Consequences of Daylight Saving Time in Companies – The researchers noted that there are, indeed, day and night people and that the biological clock of each is entirely related to their health and well-being. This is a finding that helps to understand why many people can not adapt to summertime, while others love change.

According to experts, the period of adaptation of the body is a maximum of two weeks. During this process, people can feel various effects on their body, which can range from headaches and insomnia to gastric problems.

Consequences of daylight saving time for companies

The researchers also noted that because of the change in schedule, workers may experience delays and fatigue at this time of year – which considerably impairs their productivity and directly affects the execution and delivery of day to day tasks. As a way to try to eliminate this problem, many companies and startups have implemented more flexible working days during daylight saving time.

One of them is startup Coble, a company that specializes in tracking, telemetry and fleet management that allows its employees to work at times when they feel better and more productive. The company’s founder, Rodrigo Mourad, told Olímpia 24h: “We let employees choose their own schedule just because we believe it makes them more involved, motivated and productive during the day. It also helps them avoid peak traffic times and contributes to a decrease in team stress. ”

In addition to the flexibility of the schedule, the startup has implemented several spaces for decompression of the collaborator, which include a video game room, a rest and reading room and a mini-golf. All of these changes help employees to have a better and much more advantageous and productive work pace so as not to harm their health and well-being.