Customize The Stairs 6 Creative Ideas!

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Customize The Stairs 6 Creative Ideas!

How many times have we thought of renewing some rooms of the house and then give up for lack of time and mood How many times have we abandoned the intent to proceed with some activity DIY for the supposed difficulty of putting it into practice Many, no doubt. But customize our home, or just somewhere, is not a serious challenge indeed. Kick-back to the environment will benefit both the structure and mood of its inhabitants. Do not focus on interior design and then only on the floor and wall covering materials, not only on the provisions of furniture and rooms and how to reuse other we give added value also to detail and those functional spaces which nevertheless conceal a great creative potential, right as the stairs.

Beautify not only the environment but also the medium that leads us in them is therefore a fun solution that will significantly contribute to give a new look to the whole house jual rumput sintetis. Among risers, treads and railing, there are many decorative possibilities on which to focus. Let’s find out right away through 6 interesting ideas.

for cantilever staircases cables

A popular solution architecture and the current industrial style is undoubtedly that of the stairs with suspended cantilevered steps hooked to the ceiling by steel cables. Not a simple railing so, but a minimal and clean structure that reveals the trick of the suspension. The step is in this case against the wall and held up by the ropes literally taking a key role in the strength of the structure, also acting as a parapet, in the absence of the traditional one. It will therefore be necessary to make use of products tailored cables of various lengths, even constructible in the assembly phase. In this project, photographed by Pierangelo Laterza, the stairs do not think so stifle open space in any way, presenting also perfectly matched to the remaining environment where the basement space is used as asymmetric library.

Paint the railing with different colors

Of utmost importance to functionality, the scale of each type deserves its rightful aesthetic value. The most effective and impactful ways by which value it while remaining consistent with the style of your home is to give it new life with color wave. This will mean to paint some of its structure, in particular the rail, making sure users gain the proper paint.