An Old Apartment That Shines Again

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An Old Apartment That Shines Again

Once again, we went to Korea to see an amazing transformation an old and dark apartment becomes a minimalist space in which to read and shiny surfaces are the undisputed protagonists. All this is the work of the architects of the Korean study Rohadesign. Let’s see what it is.

Definitely out of fashion …

In this apartment, both style and space are very dated. The kitchen is one example the yellow tone used to dress the whole cabinet, it was a poor choice, making the environment very small and not very functional …

too much detail

In his dark times, this abounded apartment of unnecessary details, and on the wood of the walls and ceilings of the coating was stealing a lot of space, helping to make it all dark and narrow

The light coming from the balcony was not fully exploited because of dark tones used on the walls, the floors and furniture.

without style

The bedroom had a style passed for decades, with outdated furniture that were too big compared to the size of the room … A disaster!

A dark room

And the bathroom Natural light reflected on the old tiles makes it seem smaller and darker place. The decor is quite outdated … Let’s see the changes!

Brilliant and bright

Wow! Experts of Rohadesign study took advantage of the light coming from the balcony to 100%, thanks to new finishes and colors used. Everything is bright and shiny. Of wooden details, fortunately, there is not a trace.

Much broader

The old furniture if they have given way to more modern ones and the whole atmosphere is much more clean and organized. A lighting design, attentive and simple, designed to highlight each of the rooms.

The colors are white, black and gray. The latter shows some details in the kitchen area.

ultra minimal

The old kitchen with yellow furniture, no nothing left of it. Now the place comes alive with an exquisite minimalist spirit. The entire cabinet was redesigned and developed along a wall. The cabinets are covered with soft surfaces. Below, the black appropriates the cabinets, while at the top of them, the white dominates. The trio of lamps further highlights this ultra modern space.

Cozy and clean

The bedroom looks cleaner now. The outdated furniture have been replaced by modern pieces that do not take up much space. Light colors make it seem more spacious and modern place.

A change that we want sottolinearvi of this is before and after, is the modification of surfaces. First a light wood that takes possession of all the spaces. After the space purchases a white tone, bright, shining in every corner.

design touches

Finally we come to the new bathroom. The furniture has been replaced by more showy elements. The details on tiles provide modernity and character to the environment.