50 Things You Can Do To Be Happy Every Day

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Why do we sometimes feel destroyed despite having everything? Maybe it’s about the small changes and not the radical transformations we can do to seek fulfillment.

Octave Parango is an arrogant and famous French publicist who, surrounded by luxuries, women and “friends”, no longer expects anything from life except the moment of snorting cocaine to continue with his routine. Octave is a victim of himself and of everything he criticizes, “I am a publicist: that is, I contaminate the universe. I’m the guy who sells shit. What makes them dream about those things they will never have. Everlasting blue sky, women who are never ugly, perfect happiness, touched up with Photoshop. ”

This literary character is inspired by the life of his own author. In addition to capturing the development of the advertising industry, this book shows us that success and happiness are beyond a great department, a model car and vacation to exotic beaches. The writer Frédérich Beigbeder speaks to us at 13.99 euros , through a character who owns everything, but who does not feel successful and much less happy.

Each human being forms a different concept of what success means , but is often forced by social pressure. If we seek to fit into what the world tells us to obtain and live, the only thing we will really achieve is to feel frustrated. No matter what you want to do with your life, what you want to achieve. These habits that successful people have will help you to fulfill your goals soon and eliminate what does not let you move forward.

50. Avoid caffeine

49. Try reading a book per week

48. Reduce your sugar consumption

47. Take at least one moment of meditation, ideally three (morning, afternoon and evening)

46. ??Fast one day a week

45. Face a fear every day

44. Have at least 7 hours of sleep

43. Sleep and wake up early

42. Bathe with cold water

41. Learn to say “no”

40. Do something good for someone every day

39. Keep a diary and discipline to write every day

38. Disconnect from the Internet 24 hours a week

37. Always thank you

36. Say “I love you” at least three times a day to the people you love

35. Let your partner become your best friend

34. Consume 30 grams of protein in the first 30 minutes of your day

33. Have a five-year goal, but complete it in two

32. Consume a tablespoon of coconut oil or grape seed a day

31. Have a list of the things you want to do and start now

30. Take a natural fruit juice several times a week

29. Do not obsess over the results, but in your performance

28. Have an hour a day of relaxation without feeling guilty

27. Read the news and the newspaper

26. Apologize when your behavior warrants it

25. Always save 10% or more of your income

24. Donate 10% of your salary to the cause you choose

23. Listen to a podcast or audiobook by increasing its playback speed.

22. Drink water, lots of water

21. Instead of renting forever, buy a small place to live

20. Look at your emails and social networks one hour after waking up

19. Live only with the essentials

18. Change something in your life every year

17. Define what wealth and success mean to you

16. Change your way of thinking about money.

15. Have faith in something greater than you

14. Create an automated and secure revenue source

13. Have multiple sources of income

12. Do not invest if you do not know the business

11. Let your friends always be people who inspire you

10. Make your bed at the first hour

9. That your daily to-do list does not exceed three points

8. Evaluate your performance in order to improve it

7. Ask and ask without fear of the answers, you will be surprised how many things you can get this way

6. Be generous spontaneously at least once a month

5. Write a reflective note every day, and leave it in a place where someone can find it

4. Let your parents become your friends

3. Flosses

2. Eat with your family at least once a day

1. Learn to meet you

Many things can be difficult, modifying our habits takes time but it is not impossible. Probably at the beginning you can not perform all the activities on the list, try it slowly and you will realize how your productivity improves, your health and even your mood.

It is not important for others to believe that you are successful, what really counts is that you feel good about what you do and what you have. Do not be afraid to start working for what you want, there are thousands of ways you can make them come true, so take a chance, start, work, strive without interest if you move away from what others think is a perfect life sources from musikji.net