2017 Trends in Decorating the Walls

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2017 Trends in Decorating the Walls

Every year brings new trends to interior design, trends in the design of kitchens, living, bedrooms, but also for floors, lighting, and decorating the walls. In this Book of Ideas we will be dealing with wall-decoration trends, going to explore the proposals of our architects and interior designers to understand how to decorate the textures, style and functionality of the walls of the house’s walls. Let’s find them together.

Bricks at sight

For this year one of the tendencies for the walls seems to be that of exposed bricks. And it is not said that the classic red bricks must be as we see in this project, in fact, it is also possible to opt for dark color shades, with a very tight arrangement in compact weaves, to be associated with the presence of wood for warm-rich environments And intimacy.

Porosity from top to bottom

A porous texture like the one we see in this image is another of the trends of this 2017. Rich with maturity, shades and a tactile quality that characterizes all space.

Strong tones

Strong lines and colors, such as those we see in this image, are one of the trends for decorating this year’s walls. Materials such as ceramics, but also cement, can be enhanced by strong and intense colors, to create intense and rich personalities.

The mosaic

Tiles have always been a major presence in our homes, especially in environments such as kitchen and bathroom. The mosaic is a form of ancient decoration, which today comes back with strength thanks to modern materials and techniques, with great results as we see in this image.

Less is better the power of the structures

Also in 2017 there is a tendency of recent years, that of leaving the architectural structures to emerge in the beauty of their materiality.

Padded walls

Soft-padded surfaces, such as those we see in this bedroom, are another way of creating attractive walls that are both aesthetic and practical.

The wood

Choosing wood never bows and never goes out of fashion. As we see in this picture, the wood-lined walls continue to have a special charm, rich in nuances, tones, dimensions and depths, to give birth to intimate and cozy environments, enveloping and warmth.

The stone at sight

The stone is another trend for the decoration of the walls rich in charm. As we see in this picture, large stone is left free to emerge in its natural beauty, bringing a touch of ancient beauty in a modern setting.